CREATELINK RFID Tags in Animal Management

CREATELINK RFID Tags in Animal Management

RFID Animal Management is growing at around 35% annually. Today, RFID technology recognize several hundred million animals, including pigs, sheep, goats, cows, deers, horses, fish and pigeons.

RFID system can track and monitor the whole process of animal breeding, feeding, transportation and slaughtering. In particular, when an outbreak occurs, it can track the animals and better realize the management of animals. The application of RFID in animal management is mainly in the RFID tags for animals. RFID animal tag is a kind of radio frequency identification tag with information storage and processing ability used to represent animal attributes. It is the application of RFID technology in animal tracking. The RFID tag in the animal management system store all kinds of information about the animals.

Depending on the type of application and the size of the animal, Createlink offer different tags for RFID animal identification. The flexible transponders include advanced security features and comply with government regulations as well as ISO 11784 and 11785 international standards.


- In animal husbandry applications, RFID tag design is usually packaged into different types and installed in the animal body for tracking and identification processing.

- It can accurately and comprehensively record the feeding, growth and disease prevention of animals, and accurately label the meat quality and other information, so as to realize the tracking management of animals and animal products from feeding to final sales.

- It can be used to trace the important information of animal species, origin, immunity, treatment and medication status and health status, so as to serve animal epidemic prevention and veterinary drug residue monitoring.

- Application is one of automatic feed rationing and output statistics in enterprises.


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Our Advantages

- TOP 10 RFID label manufacturer in China 

- Professional R&D teams with an average 7 years' experience for antenna and inlay design

- A variety of RFID tag designs for HF, UHF, NFC

- 0.2 billion production capability per year

- Competitive price for RFID NFC labels in Library, Retail, Apparel, Asset tracking management

- ISO9001- and ISO14001- certified, all RFID tags are fully compliant with RoHS and CE

- Advanced equipments from antenna production, chip assembly to label laminating

- 100% testing before delivery

- Custom samples ready within 7 days

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