RFID label tags for books & library management

RFID label tags for books & library management

The material resources provided by libraries are becoming more and more abundant. How to sort, borrow and return books in collections efficiently and accurately has become a problem troubling library managers.

To accomplish the efficient library asset management, RFID technology can save time and effort with cost savings and task reduction. CREATELINK has developed RFID HF/UHF passive tags which are customized for library management. The following benefits are easily achievable in the library asset tracking and inventory management. 


• Reduced the labor intensity of management personnel

• Greatly improve the book inventory and the shelf book sorting efficiency, makes the shelf book search becomes more convenient

• Faster scanning of the data stored in the RFID sticker tag

• Improve the rate of book borrowing & returning and reduce the impact of losing books.

• RFID security door zero false alarm rate, the security door placed more wide distance, so that the reader more freely in and out

CREATELINK RFID tags for library management applications

-  HF Label

-  UHF Label

Why Choose CREATELINK RFID Library Tag?

- TOP 10 RFID label manufacturer in China 

- Professional R&D teams with an average 7 years' experience for antenna and inlay design

- A variety of RFID tag designs for HF, UHF, NFC

- 0.2 billion production capability per year

- Competitive price for RFID NFC labels in Library, Retail, Apparel, Asset management applications

- ISO9001- and ISO14001- certified, all RFID tags are fully compliant with RoHS and CE

- Advanced equipments from antenna production, chip assembly to label laminating

- 100% testing before delivery

- Custom samples ready within 7 days


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