RFID Tags in Logistics and Transportation

RFID Tags in Logistics and Transportation

In many interlocking connections and social benefits from procurement, storage, transport, sales to logistics service, RFID plays an important role. Using RFID technology makes the registration of goods automatic, faster and more accurate, reducing the need for personal and loss of goods, making quick pick-up successful and minimizing the cost of storage. Using RFID technology in the links above makes it possible to control reasonable product inventory and intelligent logistics technology.


- The tags is used to get the logistics information of the goods and the goods arriving at the same time.

- Using the fixed electronic RFID label to monitor the storage status of goods in the warehouse, such as the designated stacking area, shelf time and other information statistics.

- When the deadline of goods in the storage area is approaching, an alarm signal will be automatically sent to the central dispatch system to inform the staff

- Changes in cargo information are also transmitted to the corresponding database at the time of shipment.

Our Advantages

- TOP 10 RFID label manufacturer in China 

- Professional R&D teams with an average 7 years' experience for antenna and inlay design

- A variety of RFID tag designs for HF, UHF, NFC

- 0.2 billion production capability per year

- Competitive price for RFID NFC labels in Library, Retail, Apparel, Asset tracking management

- ISO9001- and ISO14001- certified, all RFID tags are fully compliant with RoHS and CE

- Advanced equipments from antenna production, chip assembly to label laminating

- 100% testing before delivery

- Custom samples ready within 7 days

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