RFID tags for Automotive Industry

RFID tags for Automotive Industry

RFID technology has quite a few applications in automobile manufacturing, after-sales service, real-time tracking and intelligent transportation system. 

1. A distributed vehicle speed monitoring and intelligent early warning system is designed, and rfid label is placed on the running vehicle. 

2. The speed of the motor vehicle action signal acquisition, highway management system by identifying electronic tag information of motor vehicle monitoring management. 

The technology and are starting to implement the highway without a stop automatic charging system integration, also is expected to achieve motor vehicle navigation and positioning. The completion of the system can effectively reduce and avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents, for highway management provides a new technical method.


–  Car identification

–  Automation and monitor throughout the manufacturing process

–  Support Lean management and improve operational efficiency

–  Manage the flow of parts’ containers

–  Manage the maintenance of machines, tools, and robots in compliance with ISO standards and other standards specific to the automotive industry

Our Advantages

- TOP 10 RFID label manufacturer in China 

- Professional R&D teams with an average 7 years' experience for antenna and inlay design

- A variety of RFID tag designs for HF, UHF, NFC

- 0.2 billion production capability per year

- Competitive price for RFID NFC labels in Library, Retail, Apparel, Asset tracking management

- ISO9001- and ISO14001- certified, all RFID tags are fully compliant with RoHS and CE

- Advanced equipments from antenna production, chip assembly to label laminating

- 100% testing before delivery

- Custom samples ready within 7 days

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