CREATELINK RFID Tags in Industry Management

CREATELINK RFID Tags in Industry Management

RFID technology enables process optimization strategies to be implemented with a rapid return on investment that adds quality and efficiency to the entire production process. 

RFID adoption benefits include increasing material reception productivity, enabling process automation and improving global logistics.


- Product tracking areas. RFID electronic tags can quickly identify without contact, with the support of the network, it can realize the tracking of items with RFID tags, and can clearly understand the moving position of items.

- Automatic is supply chain management domain. RFID electronic tags automatically read and write and in the network to facilitate the transfer of information will greatly improve the management level of the supply chain, through this process to reduce inventory, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of production, thus greatly providing the core competitiveness of enterprises.

- The warehouse inventory and asset management. RFID tags have the characteristics of reading and writing data unrelated to the direction, not easy to damage, ultra-high frequency can realize long-distance reading, multiple items read together at the same time, etc. So it can greatly improve the speed and accuracy of recording and collecting information of products in and out of the warehouse; reduce the human error inventory, improve the speed and accuracy of inventory point.

- Health care. Applications of RFID tags in the medical and the health field include drug monitoring and prevention, continuous care for patients, uninterrupted monitoring, safe sharing of medical records, tracking of medical equipment, correct and effective medical dispensing, and the continuous improvement of data display and communication.

CREATELINK Industry RFID products

- RFID Laundry Tag

- RFID Anti-Metal Tags

- RFID Cable Tie Tags    

Our Advantages

- TOP 10 RFID label manufacturer in China 

- Professional R&D teams with an average 7 years' experience for antenna and inlay design

- A variety of RFID tag designs for HF, UHF, NFC

- 0.2 billion production capability per year

- Competitive price for RFID NFC labels in Library, Retail, Apparel, Asset tracking, Supply Chain management applications

- ISO9001- and ISO14001- certified, all RFID tags are fully compliant with RoHS and CE

- Advanced equipments from antenna production, chip assembly to label laminating

- 100% testing before delivery

- Custom samples ready within 7 days

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