Suning to Open Four New Unmanned Stores in China

After rolling out the first self-service store " Suning Sports Biu " in Nanjing in August, Suning launched its second cashier-less store in Shanghai earlier this week. Also, three more stores will be opened soon in Beijing , Chongqing and Xuzhou. With richer product categories, the new stores will not only sell sports products and souvenir items of well-known football clubs, such as FC Internazionale Milano, consumers could also find gadgets, personal electronics, food and FMCG goods to fulfill more unique purchasing demands. 

"The 'Biu' store is the latest innovation of Suning's 'Smart Retail'," said Zhang Jindong, Chairman of Suning Holdings Group. "Suning has more than 1,500 brick-and-mortar stores which have been upgraded to big data-driven smart stores years ago. With extensive offline experience and advantages in O2O retail, Suning's unmanned store model has undergone the concept and trial stages, and is now ready to scale up. These stores are launched for business, and are reproducible, cost-wise and technology-wise. As today's tech-savvy consumers expect different shopping experience, we see more opportunities in the industry and Suning is dedicated to create best services for our customers ," convinced Zhang. 

Powered by facial recognition technology, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), big data analysis and its owned online financial services, Suning's unmanned stores offer a frictionless shopping and a paying process quicker than other similar stores to optimize the user experience. Highlights include: 


· Facial recognition - After linking a bank card and go ing through the facial recognition on Suning Finance app, customers will be able to enter the store simply by letting the camera scan their faces at the entrance . 

· Effortless shopping experience - To check out, shoppers only need to carry their goods along the payment pathway. The system will automatically recognize the shoppers and their items with the facial recognition and RFID technology – making the entire check-out process shorter than 15 seconds. 

· Customer traffic and flow analysis - The surveillance cameras and an algorithm system developed by Suning is used to calculate and analyze customer flow in the stores to help optimize the product placement and enhance the shop operation. 

With its years of experience in running approximately 4,000 self-managed stores,and outlets targeting on different communities, Suning plans to expand its offerings of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in the unmanned stores to cover more diversified product lines. The unmanned stores will also feature Augmented Reality (AR) technology to display creative items, optimizing the space usage. 

About Suning Holdings Group 

Founded in 1990, Suning is one of the leading commercial enterprises in China with 180,000 employees and two listed companies in China and Japan . Through decades of growth and transformation, Suning has established a business presence in six industries. In 2017, Suning was ranked second on the list of China's top 500 non-state owned enterprises, and for the first time in corporate history, Suning Commerce, under Suning Holdings Group, was named to the 2017 list of the Fortune Global 500.